A Little About Quilling


quill·ing -ˈkwiliNG/ – noun
 Defined as a craft; type of ornamental craftwork involving the shaping of paper, fabric, or glass into delicate pleats or folds.
Quilling is currently my favorite type of craft. It is so simple and sturdy when done, yet intricate and delicate at the same time.  The best part about this craft is that your imagination can take you anywhere (literally the sky is the limit).  The above picture was my latest project.
I wish I was far enough along to have my very own pictures of every type of quilling project out there, I am not. But what I am going to do is provide you some quick links and tell you a few ways you can find these beautiful works of art from choice favorites I have bookmarked myself.

Tools required

  • Quilling Tool of some kind i.e. Actual purchased quilling tool, toothpick, needle, shishkabob skewer.
  • Strips of colored paper in the whatever width you desire.
  • white glue.

Yes, it is that simple. You just place your strip of paper so that you can wrap it around the quilling tool. Wind the paper up tight, pull it off the tool, and using different squeezing and folding techniques you get pretty little shapes to make things with. There are so many videos and tutorials out there on this that I just provided some links below.

What I would suggest as you are practicing though is instead of using quilling paper to practice with use construction paper. I used a paper shredder and just bought a ream of children’s construction paper to practice with. Not that quilling paper is overly expensive but I just didn’t want to waste even a little bit of the pretty colored paper when the construction paper was pennies in comparison.

Places to go for tutorials, patterns and learning

http://www.littlecircles.net/ – This was where I was introduced to quilling. A great site run by Erin Curet. She is featured/published on Craftsy and other places.
Youtube – Just search “quilling” +whattever you can think of
Pinterest – Just search “quilling” + whatever you can think of

Want To Know More

I have scoured the web and only found two official Quilling guilds. The oldest is “The Quilling Guild” based in the UK. They can be found here at http://quilling-guild.weebly.com/index.html and on FB at https://www.facebook.com/thequillingguild.
The other is “North American Quilling Guild (NAQG)” and it can be found at http://www.naqg.org/.

My Favorites Works Created By Others

3 dimensional

Egg Craze

All are beautiful

Portraits 1

Potraits 2


2 thoughts on “A Little About Quilling

  1. That is exquisitely beautiful , Rebecca. I recently saw a huge wall hanging, of quilling paper. I can see how much effort goes into it. This is really pretty.
    Thanks for the follow 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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