Just a little laugh for a Friend

Self Defense

This helped me greatly back in the day when all you were hearing news of was tails of women raped and killed on the side of the road or leaving the bar(don’t you just love the news)…..

I worked for a great company that held a self-defense/rape seminar for everyone (yeap, men get raped too. They just don’t report it). This very spunky blonde lady (I will call her Susan as I do not remember her name) is standing at the front of our conference room showing us various ways to take down a purb…ha! (Cop speak).

And so the story goes… “you don’t scream that is more likely to get you killed”, Huh? Yes, there was a collective of puzzled faces about. Susan continues, “what you want to do is come on to them”. Say what??? Believe me, we are all thinking this lady is crazy now. Then she states,”that most of the time it is a dominating thing and you will sexually turn them off, and they will leave you and run off, but on the chance that they don’t, keep up the rouse.” Now, why would you want to do that? Susan has got to be nuts, right!?! Nope, not at all. She continues, “If you can get him comfortable and to the point where his pants are around his knees it is easier to

  1. knee him in the groin and knock him off balance
  2. if he has you on the ground you can reach down/up with both hands grab ahold of his sack and pull as hard as you can, which will incapacitate him.”

At this point, there was a small amount of ouching comments from the guys in the room. Oh, but Susan didn’t stop there. She went on to tell us about a call Susan had received a month prior to teaching our seminar. It was from a lady thanking the defense teacher for teaching the class because not two weeks after the lady took that class she was attacked. Susan told us the lady was so scared when she performed the second technique mentioned above that she had literally ripped the perpetrators parts from his body, thus saving her life and keeping her from being raped. Of course, there was a very load groan from all the guys as they can imagine how that felt!

Guys not to leave you out, if you knee a woman in the privates it hurts just the same as it does for you. Take my word for it played football enough with my big brother that it still brings a tear to my eye thinking about it.

So I hope I have helped some feel empowered and not alone out there. Be safe, Be Brave and by all means if you need a shoulder just ask!




2 thoughts on “Just a little laugh for a Friend

  1. I see that your blog is going to be about more than crafting and possibly about things happening in your life. I think it is a good thing to go beyond the boundaries you have applied to your blog but if you find you are writing more about things happening around you than actual quilling you may wish to change the name of the blog and your about section. Just a thought. I like that you are talking honestly about things that are important to you.


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